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Neurofeedback Therapy

We Offer Neurofeedback/Biofeedback

Neurofeedback is a safe and effective treatment for helping overcome negative thought patterns using 100% natural approaches. The process uses sensors to detect changes in brain waves in combination with relaxing sounds. The process is painless and relaxing and has long-lasting positive effects. At Barcelona Counseling, our team strives to help patients make the changes they need to improve their lives and encourage overall well-being. We also offer a few other therapy options and services. Biofeedback is a specific technique we can use to learn to control some of your body’s functions. During biofeedback, you would be connected to electrical sensors that help us receive information about your body. This kind of feedback helps us make subtle changes in your body such as relaxing certain muscles, and reducing pain in certain areas. There are a few biofeedback types: brain waves, breathing, heart rate, muscle contraction, sweat gland activity, and temperature. Biofeedback can really help manage any mental and physical issues you’re experiencing.


A typical biofeedback session can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes and the length and number of sessions will be determined by your condition. If biofeedback is successful for you, it can help you control some of your symptoms or maybe even take less medication or be able to completely wean off medication. Eventually, you’ll be able to learn and practice certain biofeedback techniques you can do at home on your own as well. Take some time to browse through the website to learn more about our neurofeedback, biofeedback, and other treatment services. We encourage potential patients to reach out to us directly to schedule an appointment or to get answers to questions about our services. We look forward to providing patients with the tools they need to overcome life's obstacles and get back on track.

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