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Priscila Rosales, CSWA

Priscila Rosales is a dedicated social worker who graduated from Portland State University with a Master's degree in Clinical Social Work. Specializing in children and young adults aged kindergarten through 19 years old, Priscila’s approach to mental health integrates family systems, play therapy, and a social justice lens, trauma informed care, and  Cognitive behavioral therapy to inform her work. Aiming to uplift community members and foster resilience through active listening and collaborative problem-solving

Priscila upbringing and cultural heritage from Mexico and Guatemala Raised in Oregon is utilized as a driver for her passion to serve her community, particularly focusing on Hispanic/Latinx communities, other marginalized communities. She is committed to community outreach, health advocacy, and systemic navigation, employing her bilingual and bicultural skills to empower and support marginalized groups. She strives to create meaningful impacts by bridging cultural gaps and advocating for equitable access to resources and services.

Beyond her professional life, Priscila enjoys a variety of interests. She has a fondness for the color pink, arts and crafts, and finds joy in playing video games and mobile games like Pokémon Go. She cherishes quality time with her family, beach outings, and enjoys music particularly electronic dance music. 

Licenses and Certifications


Priscila Rosales is a Associate Clinical Social Worker (CSWA). She follows the Oregon Board of Licensed Social Workers ethics and rules. She is supervised by Ivette Rabanal, LCSW.

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