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Briana Correa, CSW-Associate

Briana Correa has her Master's in Social Work from Portland State University. Briana is bilingual in English and Spanish, and bicultural. She has been working for 5 years in the community to provide resources and offer needs that support diverse and underserved populations. Briana in her years of experience, she joined the Barcelona Team to become a skills trainer. As a skills trainer Briana was able to provide evidence-based therapeutic interventions that implements emotional support, leadership, and many other skills that are beneficial for each client's needs. 


Briana is now working on her License as a Clinical Social Worker. She will continue her work with adolescents, adults, and families who experience depression, anxiety, lack of self-worth, lack of belonging, trauma (family, racial, etc.), stress, loss, transitions, and any forms of addiction. She also provides Eye Movement Desentitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy.


Briana's approach to counseling uses evidence-based approaches that will fit the best for each individual or family, that will best meet their needs/goals, what will build on their strengths and overall empower families or individuals. Briana always believes in putting together different jigsaw pieces that form a solution. The pieces include unique experiences, strengths, resources and skills of the adolescents, families, and the community which they live in.  

Licenses and Certifications


Briana is Certified as a Qualified Mental Health Professional and is in the process to be registered by the Oregon Board as an CSWA. She is currently supervised by  by Lucrecia Suárez, LCSW.

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