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About Us

Patricia Urbina,
Office Coordinator


Patricia Urbina is a newcomer to this vibrant community. She is passionate about mental health and dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of those around her having recently relocated to this area from Southern California. She brings a fresh perspective and a strong desire to contribute to the well-being of the community as a bilingual Latina, fluent in both English and Spanish, which allows her to connect with a diverse range of individuals and provide support in their preferred language. Her journey is uniquely driven by a deep rooted passion for mental health, in which she firmly believes that every individual deserves access to quality mental health care and is committed to being part of that solution. In her pursuit of this passion, she’s on a personal mission to continue her education and obtain a psychology degree; this journey aligns with her dream of making a meaningful difference in the lives of those facing mental health challenges. She is excited to be part of this community, and looks forward to learning, growing and working together to promote mental health and well-being.

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